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Structure of Seedling Trays

The hole shape of the nursery Seedling Trays is mainly square and round. The matrix contained in the square hole is generally about 30% more than the circular hole, and the water distribution is also relatively uniform. The seedling root system develops more fully. The size of the standard plug tray is 540mm x 280mm, and the number of holes is between 18-800 due to the different diameter of the hole. Cultivation medium and small seedlings, 72–288 cells tray is appropriate.
The color of the nursery tray affects the temperature of the plant roots. The white polyphenyl foam disk is better reflective and is used for early summer and autumn seedlings to facilitate reflection of light and reduce heat accumulation in the roots of the seedlings. In winter and spring, black seedling trays are selected because of their good light absorption, which is beneficial to the rooting of young seedlings. After the seedlings grow up, they should start using the rapid root-raising technique and move into the root-control quick-growing container to continue growing.
The materials used to make the plug are generally polystyrene foam, polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride and polypropylene. There are blow molding and injection molding methods. General vegetable and ornamental plant nursery trays are made of polystyrene material.